The BC Renaissance Capital Fund (BCRCF) invests in Venture Capital (VC) funds as a Limited Partner. Our fund managers have offices in British Columbia, across Canada and in Silicon Valley.

BCRCF fund managers provide a diversity of investment options to BC high technology companies and access to a variety of investor networks including those in the markets that BC Technology companies seek to sell their goods and services into.

The institutional VC funds we invest in target a range of technology sectors with a particular focus on Internet Technologies, Digital Media, Life Sciences and Clean Technologies. Our funds provide investment at various stages, from seed funding to expansion financing.

All of BCRCF’s fund managers spend time supporting and growing the BC Technology sector as part of their commitment to British Columbia. BCRCF fund manager activities include reviewing BC technology companies that are seeking investment, providing mentoring to BC technology companies, speaking at BC conferences, and participating in education seminars and events at BC accelerators, universities and research organizations.

The BCRCF investment model is a “Fund of Funds”. We invest in funds where the majority of capital comes from other private and public investors. This investment model allows us to stimulate and leverage additional capital and the investment expertise of our fund managers. Our peers in the private equity industry are pension funds, endowments, private family funds, sovereign wealth funds and strategic corporate funds.

BCRCF invests on standard venture capital industry terms and conditions and follows private equity industry best practices for information disclosure, due diligence and active monitoring of fund performance.